For over 50 years, Brick Gentry has been determined to set itself apart, challenging ourselves to provide clients with a higher level of service while fostering a unique environment that is truly founded on partnership. Above all else, client relationships reveal the most about Brick Gentry. We value and take pride in each and every one and, ultimately, striving to excel by becoming our clients’ counselor and partner. At Brick Gentry our objective is simple: provide outstanding personal service to help our clients achieve success. It is why we love what we do and what sets us apart from other firms. At Brick Gentry, we put clients first and we will prove it.


  1. Greater Resolution. Our team will make it an absolute priority to handle your matter both personally and timely. From start to finish and beyond we stay incredibly invested, taking care of you every step of the way. Because we have the kind of perspective that you only achieve through experience, our work tends to be more efficient. It is this approach to our business that has earned us the respect and trust of so many.
  2. Personal Approach. Our team believes in achieving the greatest results for every client, every time. Having an outstanding record of success is more than something we strive for; it is something we demand. Our trial attorneys are highly educated, intensely experienced and deeply committed to the pursuit of excellence. The personal time and attention we invest in every client is part of this commitment. At the end of the day, our clients’ success is our own.
  3. Client Vested. Our team places tremendous value on the satisfaction of their clients. Each client comes to our law firm with unique legal needs. Whatever those needs may be, our clients’ success and satisfaction are of the utmost importance. It’s our job to bring more to every relationship, regardless of its simplicity or complexity. We will use all the necessary resources, including state-of-the-art technology, to take our clients’ projects to the highest level and we will advise our clients on more than the concerns of the issue at hand, bringing both broad perspective and an informed focus.
  4. Experienced Perspective. While our trial attorneys are all proficiently experienced, their individual backgrounds and areas of practice run the gamut of the legal profession. This allows us to work collaboratively to achieve the greatest outcome and give clients every conceivable advantage.

About our Editor

Our trial team blog is maintained and edited by Brick Gentry law firm shareholder Rush Nigut. In 2006, Rush started his individual award-winning legal blog, Rush on Business, and has maintained it since that time. Rush has been quoted or referenced by hundreds of other legal and business blogs and Web sites including the blog networks for the Wall St. Journal, Forbes Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine.  Rush has extensive litigation experience in a variety of practice areas and serves as the point person from this blog to direct you in finding the right attorney on our Brick Gentry trial team to handle your case. We have several lawyers working on our trial team who all have their own individual specialties and so we try to align your case with the best lawyer at the firm to fit your needs.

About this Blog

Our strong sense of purpose with this blog is to educate and provide information to people in a way that helps them identify legal issues and make more informed choices about what legal services they need.  The collaborative process of a law blog can allow this to happen.