If you are injured in a personal injury accident of any magnitude, we guarantee you the insurance company will review and monitor your social media accounts. The adjusters and/or their investigators will look for information to discredit you and your injuries. So what is the best policy to protect your personal injury case?

It’s really very simple.

Stay off of social media to protect your injury case.

Don’t post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other sites. Don’t be the person who claims a debilitating injury, but yet is pictured on Facebook partying, traveling, working out, etc. And most certainly, do not make statements about your accident or injuries on social media. It will not benefit you in any way, so just avoid it.

Do not give the defense in a case the ammunition to discredit your personal injury. Many social media posts and situations could easily be misinterpreted. Staying silent on social media is important in order to maintain a viable claim. Other steps you should take include:

  • Ensure through your privacy settings that only friends can see your posts.
  • Change your settings so only you can post on your timeline.
  • Delete any apps you are not using.

Share too much information on social media and your case could be over before it begins. So do yourself a favor and just give up the social media posts during the period of your case.