What are the car accident injury settlement basics every crash victims should know? The word settlement refers to an agreement between an injured crash victim and a person, entity, or organization legally responsible for causing the victim’s injuries and for compensating the victim for that harm.

In a typical car accident settlement agreement, the injured

We had a personal injury client contact our office wondering whether she should settle her injury case. She had been in a relatively serious accident, and her injuries did require an immediate trip to the emergency room, multiple doctor visits and chiropractic treatment. She called us less than one month after her accident. She had

If you are injured in a personal injury accident of any magnitude, we guarantee you the insurance company will review and monitor your social media accounts. The adjusters and/or their investigators will look for information to discredit you and your injuries. So what is the best policy to protect your personal injury case?

It’s really

After a collision, the last thing on most car or motorcycle accident victims’ minds is collecting evidence in case you have to file a lawsuit against the driver who hit you. However, the most successful car or motorcycle accident verdicts or settlements usually have one thing in common—solid evidence proving what happened and showing how

  • Less protection. Other vehicles on the road such as cars and trucks have a protective steel cage. Motorcycles lack this type of structural support, so they