• Less protection. Other vehicles on the road such as cars and trucks have a protective steel cage. Motorcycles lack this type of structural support, so they are less crashworthy and leave motorcyclists more vulnerable during an accident.
  • Less Road Stability. Motorcycles balance on fewer wheels. Due to their two-wheel design, motorcycles are less stable than passenger vehicles. Therefore, they are more difficult to control when braking and cornering.
  • Less Visible. Motorcycles are smaller than cars, and so they are less visible. Accidents often happen because a vehicle driver fails to check their blind spots when turning or changing lanes.
  • More road hazards. Bumps or changes in the road surface may cause instability when on a motorcycle. While a car may handle poor weather or road conditions, a slight hazard, such as road debris, can lead to a motorcycle accident.
  • Driver inexperience. Operating any motor vehicle requires training, experience, and caution. Motorcycles require a different combination of physical and mental skills than those used in driving four-wheel vehicles. They are less stable than passenger vehicles, and slight changes in weight distribution can have disastrous consequences. Some inexperienced riders may engage in risky behaviors, increasing the chance of a crash.

A motorcycle accident can occur in an instant, and the permanent effects of the pain and impact on everyday life can leave you struggling to remain employed, pay your bills, or perhaps even walk. You may well wonder how you can best recover from your motorcycle crash—physically and financially. We can help you understand what you’re facing and how to pursue compensation when someone else caused your motorcycle crash. We have an experienced personal injury attorney in our law firm who also happens to also be an avid motorcycle rider, both in competitions and as a recreational rider. It makes sense to have an attorney familiar with motorcycles to handle these types of cases, not just your run-of-the-mill personal injury attorney. The experience and insight he brings to such cases is incredibly valuable. If you have been involved in a motorcycle crash in Iowa, please contact us for a free consultation.