A major area of our trial practice consists of trade secret and non-compete law. We hear all the time from people that believe Iowa is a “right to work” state so that means non-competes are not upheld under Iowa law, right? Wrong.

Non-competes are upheld in cases where the scope and duration of the restrictive period is reasonably necessary to protect the employer’s interest as compared to the employee’s interest. Whether the non-compete will be upheld various greatly on the wording of the agreement and the position held by the employee.

But in a recent article from Seyfarth Shaw on some of the top developments in trade secret, non-compete law and computer fraud, I found it really interesting that government agencies are increasing the scrutiny of non-compete agreements. This is especially true in the case of certain franchises who had “no poach” provisions in their agreements. Lots of times these policies are used to prevent lower-wage workers from moving to higher paying jobs. Often fast food franchise operators have been found to have these sorts of provisions in their agreements. Attorney generals in several states alleged these provisions limited the earning potential of these lower wage employees and many franchisors decided to remove the clauses in the agreements due to pressure from the attorney generals.

Please be sure to read the article link for other interesting developments including a $700 million to a technology start-up In Texas for damages in a misappropriation of trade secrets case.


It is reported that Michigan State will be paying $500,000,000 to the young women who were abused by Larry Nassar. I used all the zeros for a reason. It is a shocking number. I am not going to dive into all the facts and circumstances that led to the settlement in this post. What I do want to stress is this:

If you see wrongdoing in your organization, particularly if you are the leader of your organization, you need to step up and do the right thing.

Time and time again I have seen organizations that try to minimize, hide or ignore wrongdoing. It does come back to bite you. Don’t believe me? Well, I’ve 500,000,000 reasons for you.

I am not getting any younger. This is a fact but it also means my friends are not getting any younger either. And lately, I’ve seen some of those friends down-sized and looking for work. It can be hard for older workers to obtain employment.

This article from Forbes discusses some factors that enabled the EEOC to obtain a $2.8 million settlement with Darden Restaurants (parent of Olive Garden) on behalf of older job applicants.

Employers will often use thinly veiled code words to describe why older workers shouldn’t get a job. If you’re being told you “don’t fit the image”, or you aren’t “vibrant” enough (among others), you may just be the victim of age discrimination. And if you’re an employer, avoid these sorts of references in your hiring decisions or you could find yourself on the wrong end of an employment suit or EEOC investigation.

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