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The Brick Gentry Law Firm of West Des Moines, Iowa recently added its trial team blog to feature information on several practice areas including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Personal Injury;
  • Employment Discrimination and Harassment;
  • IP Litigation;
  • Business Litigation;
  • Class Actions.

This trial team blog is edited by Brick Gentry shareholder Rush Nigut.

Most Iowa personal injury lawyers work off contingency fee contract rather than hourly fees in a personal injury case. That is, the lawyer receives payment from the settlement or verdict proceeds, if any, based on a percentage. Usually if there is no recovery the lawyer does not get paid for attorneys’ fees.

The typical Iowa

Most clients want to know how much their personal injury case is worth. When I first started practicing law, you would often hear lawyers and insurance adjusters say claims were worth three times the amount of medical bills. The reality though is the value depends entirely on the facts and circumstances of your individual case.

Here’s a secret, this is not the first article to discuss how to find the right personal injury lawyer for you. In fact, you could find article after article on this topic all over the Internet. And time and time again you will usually see some variation of these three things:

  1. Select an experienced personal